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Supported Employment

For those with intellectual disabilities and mental health issues, having a job is one of the best ways to gain independence. Those in the J & J Independent Living, LLC supported employment program gain the ability to financially support themselves, as well as the motivation that comes from a stronger sense of purpose. Plus, interaction with non-disabled coworkers and the community strengthens social skills as well as the feeling of being welcomed, involved, and included in the community. We help our participants reach their professional goals by helping them find and keep employment.

Gain Financial Independence and a Job You Love!

We work with individuals to determine their strengths. Do you love working with people? Do you enjoy hands-on activities? Do you like to work on the computer? These are the types of questions we ask those in our supported employment program, to help connect them with a job that they will enjoy doing and will be great at. We are proud to integrate our participants with local businesses in the Wasilla, AK community, providing training, support and advocacy.

Disability Services to Help You or Your Loved One Gain a Higher Quality of Life

For more information on our supported employment program and how you can enroll yourself or a loved one, contact us today at (907) 373-3953. We look forward to working with you!