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Residential Services

At J & J Independent Living, LLC, we believe that everyone deserves the ability to confidently live in a place they can call home. That’s why we offer several residential services for those with intellectual disabilities and mental health issues. Located in Wasilla, AK, we work with adults throughout the surrounding areas, providing assistance with daily tasks and activities so that they can gain the independence they need to achieve maximum independence. Our patient, compassionate staff helps participants become self-reliant and gain self esteem so they can enjoy a higher quality of life.

Providing Support to Help You Gain the Confidence You Need to Live Independently

Group Home

Our group home is state-licensed and provides 24/7 care for residents. Our providers help residents learn daily living skills, such as personal care, hygiene, household chores, and more, so they can gain the independence they need to one day live on their own. Residents live with two to four roommates to promote social skills and foster friendships among residents.

Supported Living

Our supported living services are provided either in an agency-operated home or in a personal home, and are designed for individuals age 18 and older. Our staff provides assistance and supervision for household chores on a one-on-one basis. They usually remain with the individual for five hours or less per day. This system allows participants to gradually gain independence and the confidence they need to one day live without requiring assistance.

In-Home Support

In-home support is a program offered to participants who have families with children ages 18 and under. Our providers work closely with all members of the family in order to strengthen communication, improve functionality and increase independence. This program is designed to help not just the participant, but the family as well, improving their relationships with each other.

Proudly Advocating for Those in Our Community With Intellectual Disabilities

For more information about our residential services, or to learn how you or your loved one can enroll in our programs, contact us today at (907) 373-3953. We look forward to working with you!