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Community Services

In 2015, J & J Independent Living, LLC became certified to offer a day habilitation program for adults with intellectual disabilities and mental health issues in Wasilla, AK and surrounding areas. When participants register for our day habilitation program, they receive support that helps them complete their daily activities and engage with the world around them, either in a one-on-one or group setting. Our providers strive to keep participants safe and give them confidence so that they can develop their independence.

Helping Participants Build Confidence & Get Involved in Their World

Individual Day Habilitation

Our providers will help participants with their daily chores and activities, such as going grocery shopping, running errands, etc. We also encourage and support individuals as they engage in different activities where they will be able to socialize with others in the community. These activities can include going to the movies, eating at a restaurant, visiting a coffee shop, and more. Through day habilitation, individuals are able to become more self-assured as they interact with their community.


Group Day Habilitation

In our Group Day Habilitation program, our providers join participants together to take part in inclusion events. This helps participants strengthen their social skills and build bonds with others in similar situations as themselves. This program fosters friendships and deeper connections between participants, which helps improve their mood and their quality of life.



We offer after-hours and weekend transportation for those who need transportation when the public transit system isn’t in operation. Medical appointments and employment will be first priority for this program, but otherwise it is first come first serve! We also offer Medicaid-approved rides and can transport up to two wheelchairs at a time. We will be offering occasional trips to Anchorage.

Our transportation hours of operation are:
4 PM – 8 AM
4 PM Friday – 8 AM Monday

Providing Compassionate Care & Support for Participants